Tina Feigal

Tina FeigalTina Feigal was ordained as A Course in Miracles minister, after a yearlong course with ACIM instructor, Rev. Lisa Windsor of Modern Miracles, British Columbia, Canada. Click here to learn more.  Tina has facilitated a Course study group in St. Paul, MN, USA, since 2003 and has established Miracle House MN with a powerful group of Mighty Companions from her local ACIM community.
Tina offers spiritual guidance, in the form of walking alongside others who may feel a desire to grow spiritually, but have not found a helpful supportive community in which to do so. Tina offers one-on-one sessions, study groups, and day retreats at Miracle House MN. Plans for certification for those interested in offering spiritual guidance at MHMN are also underway.


Tina also provides pre-marriage counseling, wedding ceremonies, and memorial services in harmony with the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. ACIM is based on the words of Jesus, as put forth in dictation to Dr. Helen Schucman in the mid-60’s-70’s, and scribed by her fellow research psychologist Dr. William Thetford.  Click here for more information on ACIM, its history and its teachings.